Sundog Ecovillage Welcome Home

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After five years of building a mission, the original members are going on to do their work elsewhere.  They have had great success in our experimentation, and learned great things from our countless experiences in community and permaculture.  They have offered intern opportunities for people from a dozen countries and many parts of the US, created lasting relations working with the University of Montana, shared their home with fantastic Woofers, and of course celebrated and worked along side their supportive network of friends and family from around Missoula and the Ecovillage Network of America as well as the Global Ecovillage Network and the newly formed CASA, ( Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas). 


They had tremendous success in land stewardship and forest restoration after daunting challenges brought on by the western pine beetle and the spruce bud worm.

They responded to the changes and recognized the resources that these changes provided for our structures, buildings, gardens, soil restoration, trails, forest health as well as the harvest of the knowledge and experience and many creative projects and networking with other folks doing permaculture in the bioregion.


They had the pleasure of providing a home for honey bees tended by our friends from Missoula, growing hundreds of pounds of food, sharing  and eating it, and providing a space for many artistic and creative celebrations over the seasons.